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Pre-School Yoga & Acrobatics Classes

At Trainquality Studios we pride ourselves on ethics, meaning we place a great focus on caring for growing bodies and ensuring safe technique with the inclusion of age appropriate exercises. Our Pre-School Yoga and Acrobatics Classes cater to children that are 3-5 years of age.
We have a high teacher to student ratio ensuring that safety is always prioritised.

Pre-School yoga is a fantastic way for young ones to find a sense of awareness about their bodies. Yoga promotes breathing control, simple meditation and awareness of body control and placement with focus on both movement and relaxation.

How does Yoga benefit Pre-Schoolers?
- Social engagement
- Maintaining flexibility
- Strengthening growing bodies
- Increasing Self-esteem
- Improves concentration
- Decreases stress levels
- Enhances body control and awareness whilst also reducing the risk of injury.

Pre-School Acrobatics is a great way for children to try something new in a fun and safe environment. Acrobatics focuses solely on safe technique and progressions and truly caters to all skill levels. It is the perfect way for young individuals to keep fit, have fun and make new friends!

How does Acrobatics benefit Pre-Schoolers?
- Strengthening growing bodies
- Stimulates learning through fun activities
- Improves balance and coordination through safe and supervised risk taking
- Helps children strengthen their character through physical activity
- Encourages discipline and hard work

Extract from: ‘Risky Play and Children’s Safety: Balancing Priorities for Optimal Child Development’

“Injury prevention plays a key role in keeping children safe, but emerging research suggests that imposing too many restrictions on children’s outdoor risky play hinders their development”
“… keeping children safe involves letting them take and manage risks”

We are coming back to the studio!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us online during the last couple of months. It has been a great learning experience and for some of us it is one we know you want to continue alongside the physical studio. We are looking into ways of doing this.

For those of you who are hanging in there waiting for the doors to open... We will reopen the doors on Tuesday the 23rd June. Obviously we have to follow strict guidelines in order to keep people as safe as possible. Our Covid Safety Plan is being written up at the moment and will be sent out to everyone before the studio opens. We will also have a copy of it up on the website for you.

We hope you have all been safe and well during lockdown and we can't wait to see your faces for real, in class again!!!

Booking System Changes

As some of you may already have noticed, in order to keep the studio open we have had to make some changes. One of these is to stop using the Mindbody app. We have transferred all your class passes into our new system and we have chosen to take a more personal approach as it has worked well during lockdown and we've loved staying in contact with everyone better. So now, all you have to do is send us a text letting us know which class you want to be booked into and we will book you in. This means we know in advance who is coming, which is crucial under current restrictions as we only have space for 6 people in each class under Covid guidelines.

Because of the limited numbers allowed in class, it is really important that if you change your mind and wish to cancel your slot in a class, you do give us notice so that others can take your place. Therefore we are implementing a cancellation policy. If you have booked a spot in a class and wish to cancel it, you will need to have let us know that you are cancelling at least three hours prior to the start of your class, otherwise we will have to charge you for the class attendance. This will allow people who are on on a waiting list for any class, to be given plenty of notice if a space becomes available.

We hope you understand why we need to implement this policy and we appreciate your support in this.

We are so excited to see you all again!!!